Prepare Your Clients for a Medical Emergency

Give your clients & their health care providers instant access to their emergency information and advance directives. Take advantage of unique marketing benefits that help you build stronger relationships with clients. 

Prepare Your Clients for a Medical Emergency

Give your clients & their health care providers instant access to their emergency information and advance directives with DocuBank. Take advantage of unique marketing benefits to build stronger relationships with clients. 

Emergency Card For Clients

The DocuBank Emergency Card instantly sends your clients' advance directives & vital medical info to doctors and hospitals. This convenient access reduces stress, clears up confusion, and helps your clients receive the best care possible. 

  • Information and documents are available 24/7 online or by fax.

  • Advance directives, medication list, vaccination log, medical conditions, allergies & more!

  • Card can be used by client, their loved ones, or hospital staff. 


Marketing Benefits for Your Firm 

Your estate planning colleagues have been taking advantage of DocuBank's marketing benefits for over 20 years to build stronger relationships with clients and build their practices. 

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Build Relationships

  • Your firm's branding printed on clients' cards. 

  • Clients see your logo whenever they log in online. 

  • Letters and emails to clients remind them that you provided the service.

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Free Marketing Materials

  • Full-color brochures and professional video.

  • Website materials to help your site stand out.

  • Newsletter, blog, and social media content.

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Grow Your Network

  • Referral program introduces your firm to clients' loved ones.

  • Connect with doctors with physician notification program.

  • Get notified whenever a client's card is used!

Special Benefits for Your Firm

  • Ultimate Estate Planner Discount: Save 67% off the retail DocuBank price. A 1-year client membership is $18 per person.

  • Exclusive Ultimate Estate Planner Rate for the 3-Year Review! Sync your clients' memberships with Phil Kavesh's Free Service Package model with a 3-year membership. Just $44 per person.

  • Free Account Setup: Set up your firm's free account and get 2 free client memberships!

Integrated in the Leading Drafting Programs

You can print the DocuBank client form from many of the leading document-drafting programs. The software autofills the form, which makes it easy for you to sign up your clients. DocuBank is integrated in the following programs:

  • CounselPro

  • Wealth Docx
  • ElderDocx
  • Lawyers with Purpose Software
  • Wealth Transfer Planning (InterActive Legal)
  • Beyond Counsel 
  • Planning Pro

Estate Planning Attorneys Love DocuBank!

"Not only is it a great service for the clients, but it helps in our marketing as well. Several times a year, your clients get reminded who you are and that you set up this service for them. Invaluable."

Michael Smith

Smith Barid, LLC

"I've had multiple clients who ended up having to access their medical directives through DocuBank when they've been in the middle of an emergency, and they've come back to us and thanked us for getting them signed up in DocuBank in the first place."

Catherine Hammond

Hammond Law Group

"I can't count how many times our offices get calls from our clients reporting the ease of use and convenience DocuBank service provides in the midst of stressful medical emergencies. Accordingly, your service has contributed to the good reputation of our law firm."

Louis Pavone

Pavone Law Group


About DocuBank

DocuBank is the country's oldest and largest advance directives registry with more than 350,000 members. 

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